Films/Visual Art



Artist Statement

All of the forms in my paintings refer to archetypal imagery and the unconscious. I begin from a place of unknowing, so that the content is discovered in the course of the painting process. This includes emotional states and everything that is important. My hope is that the marks in the paintings will resonate with the viewer on this deeper level.

Influences on my work have included folk art, textiles, music, rhythm, and dance. When I began to make films in the 1990’s, I became more aware that each painting represents framed out space. The multiple canvases trace the eye’s journey in any direction, where more material waits to be captured.



1993-95 Media Arts Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
1968 M.F.A.The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
1964-65 The Art Students' League, NY, NY
1963 B.A. Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA