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Keziah's Eye

Keziah Simmons, 14, is a white girl who doesn't fit into the conventional middle class world of the Deep South in the early 1900's. Keziah doesn't realize she is an outsider at first. But when she does realize it, she is never the same again...

On December 1, 2012, a successful and productive reading and performance of selected scenes from Keziah's Eye, was held at Moore College of Art and Design. A cast of 15 actors took part and audience members were invited to share responses with the cast and director.

This public reading/performance satisfied the requirements of a grant I received last year from the Leeway Foundation, the Transformation Award, given to artists committed to social change. It also marked the final development of the screenplay and a new stage in the film project.

Actors included Laura Piccoli, an actor currently at Tisch NYU, as a wonderful Keziah, and noted regional actors.

Stay tuned for the next stage in the development of this unique and timely film project.

Lynn Denton
Writer, Director,
Keziah's Eye